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Jasmine Lewis

Jessica Sproge is an actress, writer, and comedian. She performed improv with Crowdsourced Comedy in Salt Lake City and works on various acting and writing projects throughout the year. Jessica graduated with a BFA in Actor Training from the University of Utah and was in many shows that probably none of you would give a shit about so it’s not listed here. She now lives in Los Angeles pursuing comedic writing and acting. Currently, she's the host of Moving to LA Podcast and runs a sketch comedy channel on YouTube called Sproge Comedy with her husband Andrew. "If you are my mom, please don't watch this show."

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Local TV producer turned substitute teacher, Jasmine Lewis, is an SlC based comedian specializing in improv comedy. Original from the city of sin (and hot as hell asphalt) Jazz started performing with Crowdsourced Comedy a year ago where they taught her everything she knows for just 100 dollars. After a long journey through the world of creating scenes she recently dove into stand up comedy where she landed in jello . You can catch jazz performing every other Tuesday at Sugarspace Warehouse or yelling at small children in the Salt Lake City school district. Yeah, she’s really putting that Broadcast journalism degree to good use.

Brian Higgins

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Brian Higgins has spent the last six years performing comedy around the Northeast and in Salt Lake City, Utah. His irreverent brand of observational comedy has been described by audiences as “fun”, and “original”, and by ex-girlfriends as “grating” and “too much”. A close friend claims that Brian’s comedy “Makes him feel like it’s okay to be silly”, which Brian thinks is nice. On any given day you can catch him pretending to be outdoorsy in the mountains of Utah or pretending to be literary in the coffee shops of Utah. He occasionally has a mustache.

Craig Sorensen

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Craig is an improv and sketch comedian based in SLC. Craig discovered at a young age that you can be weird, different, and (most important) yourself when you are a comedian. He bears the title of “gaymer” with pride, trying to support the LGBTQ+ community wherever he goes but at the same time destroying noobs and taking their high score. Craig is a super fan of fantasy and hopes one day to be a time wizard (if he could just go back to school to finish that darn degree). Love is hard, hate is easy, but Craig will take either from you as long as you’re thinking about him. You can see him teach and lead at Crowdsourced Comedy weekly.

Andrew Sproge

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Andrew Sproge is an improv comedian and owner of Crowdsourced Comedy, a Salt Lake City based improv troupe, producing some of the best comedy shows in Utah. Andrew has performed and entertained audiences big and small at countless venues across the country, always bringing the same comedic energy to every event. He has a passion for teaching improv and holds classes at his troupe throughout the year. One of the greatest prides of his life was being Dog Mayor of Provo in 2013. He would like to thank his constituents for their never-ending support throughout the years.

Adam Conrad

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Adam Conrad is a person who does some other things but also sometimes performs comedy in front of people, mostly for free. He worked for a blimp once — cleaning it, caring for it, ensuring it's safe docking on the mast. These days he hosts an open mic every Monday at Big Willies in Salt Lake City and draws things at @spookydoods on Instagram.

Maddie Bell

Featured Cast

Maddie Bell is an SLC improviser who recently came out as a Hufflepuff. Inspired by the HP films as a child, Maddie unknowingly used a bottle of her parents K.Y. to make a magic potion. She truly felt like a wizard when her hands suddenly became all warm and tingly. She still feels like a wizard to this day.

Trevor Kelley

"You could say Trevor Kelley was born to do comedy. You could not say he was born “normal”. Born with a rare condition called  “Arthrogryposis” (or “backwards hands”, as he  calls it), Trevor has always met every challenge with quick wit and a unique charm. Even since high school, Trevor has  been involved in entertaining people;  participating in theater, sketch comedy and  improv. After deciding to pursue comedy full  time instead of a career in IT, Trevor got  involved with various improv and sketch  comedy groups, ultimately culminating in the creation of a YouTube channel called “Shortbus  Bordello”. After receiving hundreds of thousands of views on the channel, an  opportunity arose to tackle standup. This lead  to him confessing his passion for cat fan­-fiction and the dangers of using a urinal while sharing the stage with the likes of David Koechner. He has now done hundreds of shows on various stages across the West. Audiences of all ages and backgrounds have been enveloped by the world he brings to  life, complete with accents, sound effects and dramatic scenes of his everyday experience. The only way you’ll be disappointed in the show is if you are his "father".

Andrea Kelley

"Andrea has never done, and likely will never do, anything of particular note. She will die eventually and none of this will matter. Having to write a bio really flares up her anxiety issues."

Maddy Triggs

Maddy Triggs is a comedian based in Happy Valley, more specifically, Provo. Triggs can be seen doing improv comedy at ImprovBroadway and Comedysportz, when she's not working on a new performance art piece or writing a new Dungeons and Dragons campaign. She has a couple of projects in the works, including a podcast coming out this summer called, "Penny for My Thoughts," in which listeners venmo her a penny with a topic in the subject line and she divulges her thoughts on said subject. Triggs is very excited to be performing with Walk N' Roll, and has been quoted saying "I'll be back." 
Wow, original.

Jeff Sproge

Jeff Sproge is an Improv comedian at Crowdsourced Comedy that hails from Kansas City, but has made SLC his home for the past few years. His quick wit and macabre jokes are outmatched only by his love of all things Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Hollie Jay

Hollie Jay

Hollie Jay is a comedian from Salt Lake City, Utah. She does stand-up, writes sketches and jokes, and loves performing theatre and improv. She's very excited to be a part of Front Row Film Roast. She was born and raised in Salt Lake City and has rarely left, you could say she's "locally grown" but she prefers to think of herself as a free range chicken... Er.. human.

Amerah ames

Amerah Ames is a young woman who, for the last few years, has performed comedy for many a crowd – even though they may deny ever being there. She has auditioned for many school talent shows since birth, only to face rejection – but has learned quite a few lessons along the way. She has one son, a monstrosity she created in a petri dish that can only scream nonsense syllables – his name is Laird. She is cool, and not weird. To learn more, please call her once in a while, for Christ’s sake.


Wallace Fetzer is a Salt Lake City native, amateur comedian, and a poor wayfaring man of grief. You can listen to Wallace as the host of The Big Bad Sadcast, or see him perform improv with Crowdsource Comedy.

Arash Tadjiki

Arash Tadjiki is a graduate student who lives with his parents. Despite his inability to speak, Arash does comedy and podcasting, even though nobody knows what he is saying. That being said, his unintelligibly is what makes him a perfect choice for roasting everyone's favorite movie.

Aaron Orlovitz

Aaron Orlovitz was born in the year of our lord nineteen hundred and ninety, from the thigh of Zeus. He lived the beginning of his immortality as a wolf mother, eventually giving birth to two beautiful baby boys Romulus and Remus. Over time Aaron morphed and became a Jewish man where he was granted immortality for a second time after low key roasting Jesus. He now resides in Salt Lake City.

Sam Poulter

Sam Poulter is a high school graduate who enjoys writing and telling jokes in the Salt Lake City area and sometimes other areas. People from all over have nothing but good things to say about him, really. One time his boss told him he smelt "heavily" of marijuana but instead of lose his job he got to take the rest of the day off. Go Sam!

Noelle Cummings

A self proclaimed conspiracy theorist, aspiring cult leader, and current co-host of Freaky Geeks Podcast. Referred to as a disappointment by her family and a foul mouth broad by everyone else. Noelle is most known for her useless knowledge recorded weekly on Freaky Geeks and being a grown woman who plays dress up at comic conventions.

Instagram @NoelleFaen
Twitter @Noellefaen
And listen Freaky Geeks Podcast on iTunes, Spotify, all the things.

Eileen Dobbins

Eileen Dobbins is a comedian for the thinking man and the tired woman. Weird Al Yankovic once sat on Eileen’s lap and sang to her at a concert. To this day it is the accomplishment of which Eileen’s mother is most proud. Eileen’s comedy credits include such highlights as an all-female comedy festival in New York City, a bowling alley in Tooele, and a pop-up stage at the Valley Fair Mall. Her antics have been delighting audiences for years, who mistake them for jokes. Eileen’s comedy has been described as “witty”, “humorous”, and "local".

Rachel Rothenberg

Rachel Rothenberg is a standup and improv comedienne residing in Salt Lake City, Utah. When not being hysterical, she is keeper of insects and a wearer of capes. She is known far and wide for her great taste in everything but comedy. You can catch her nightly at the Wiseguys front desk and at a whole host of local shows you're not hip enough to have heard of. She is also the hostess of Dumbbroads at Wiseguys, an all-broad standup comedy show.

Dallas Briggs

Dallas Briggs has been performing improv comedy since his freshman year of high school (spending a few years on hiatus after he "graduated" and was "no longer allowed to perform in a high school improv troupe"). After moving to Salt Lake City in 2017 Dallas began performing stand up comedy and soon after rebegan performing improv with Crowdsourced. Dallas' comedic stylings could be described as "experimental" and "avant garde" in the same way that electricity can be described as "toothsome". You can describe anything any way you want, really. For example, Dallas Briggs is "attractive", "smart", and "fun".

Brian Dove

Brian Dove has a very particular set of skills. Skills he has acquired over many years in Utah’s arts & entertainment scene. Skills that make him uniquely suited for the task at hand. A horror movie comedy roast! He’s a stand-up comedian, haunted house owner (Castle of Chaos), and designer of horror themed escape rooms. He loves making people laugh & scream (not necessarily in that order) and is a huge minimalist & surprisingly single. Brian has also played drums for many local bands (currently w/The Alt Stars) & captains one of the most fun adult kickball teams in SLC!

Ryan Irwin

Ryan is a stand up comic who is regularly seen at Wiseguys. He filmed his first comedy special ‘Vertical Claps’ will be streaming soon on Dry Bar. By day he is an award winning middle school theatre teacher.

Jordan Leilani Harris

Of the 30 years Jordan has been alive, she has spent the past eight ushering in the next generation as a labor and delivery nurse. So if you've ever been born or know anyone who has, gather round, you're gonna want to hear her comedy!

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