4 minute Highlight reel

FRFR overview and growth

FRONT ROW FILM ROAST (FRFR) is an entertainment, comedy, and media company which transforms regular movie viewing into a comical and interactive event. FRFR brings in a rotation

of Utah’s funniest comedians, arms them each with a microphone, and revels in the jokes and shenanigans as they lampoon a variety of movies brought back to the big screen. Think Mystery Science Theater 3000, but live, with funnier, edgier jokes, a selection of movies which actually hold a pop culture following, and a drinking game to make it an interactive and endearing event.


FRFR targets an adult audience that drinks alcohol and goes to live comedy events, movies, and bars, and incorporates a drinking game throughout the performance… obviously encouraging responsible drinking. Our mission is to capture that audience and maximize ticket sales as well as make money through sponsorship deals and Food/Drink sales from the Venues where each performance is held.

With the success Netflix has had with MST3K, now running it’s 2nd season, we feel there is a huge, untapped market for our brand of comedy and experience you would have attending a live FRFR roast. We recently recorded a Proof of Concept performance, roasting the Notebook, to showcase how we could expand to a global reach via streaming services such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. There is a 5 minute Highlight Reel of this roast just below.

We are pursuing various avenues for growth and expansion, but one of our biggest goals is to have a channel\series on one of these services (where a rotation of movies already licensed for streaming exist), and we simply add a secondary audio track which would make the viewers feel like we are right in the room with them, roasting the movie, and playing a drinking game.


This has never been done before. It would set a new precedence and would catch on quickly with the 21+ crowd looking for the next thing. Imagine groups of friends, from every walk of life, bonding together and having fun with each new release, and being able to do so in the safety and comfort of their own home.


On this, we feel we could connect even more with beer and liquor brands, as we have a niche market connected to alcohol through our venues and show format. Please see our Business Plan below for more details and contact info.

FRFR Business Plan